Choosing Clothes For Your Gentlemanly Grandson

Posted by Kyle Matthews on

As time continues things change. That includes fashion and what is trending which can be difficult to keep up with sometimes. The style is much different than it was 30 - 40 years ago so it isn't easy knowing where to begin when it comes to a gentlemanly grandson who keeps up with the latest trends. Have no fear, just take a look below at some tips that will assist in choosing out the right clothes. 

1. Do some research and get an idea of what his style is already like. That will be a good place to start.

2. Accessories are always a good way to go. Just find something that a can compliment a variety of styles.

3. Keep to simple colors and nothing too flash and bright. Leave that to the athletic clothing. Standing out for being sharp is one thing, but too much can send the wrong message.

4. If shoes are an option, look for nice leather shoes that can even make wearing a normal pair of jeans look really good. 

5. While surprises are always nice, simply just asking what they might need or want is the best way to go. Making sure they get something they want and need will be much more appreciated than something that was picked out randomly. 

Still not sure where to exactly start? Any gentlemanly grandson will appreciate this Men's Winter Peacoat that will keep them warm and fashionable at the same time. 


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