Dublin Woman Catches Her Man Red Handed, Her Response Is Perfect

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Most of us have been in relationships throughout our life and judging from experiences it is easy to say that that any relationship can have its peaks and valleys . Sharing your life with someone can be rewarding but if left without some control it can also be quite the opposite, just what this Dublin woman found out with living with her partner.

Living in a small apartment located in the centre of the city this pair enjoyed each others company enough to move in together, however that’s when things started to go downhill. While she went to the city daily for work, he had the option of working from home, ideal right? No. While living and working from home he couldn’t do his fair share of household chores and it started to strain on the relationship. He defended never doing the dishes or taking out the trash on being to busy with working on his business.

However things changed one day when she caught him red handed. Coming home for a surprise visit during her lunch break she discovered him sitting on the couch eating chips and playing video games in the middle of the day. He denied everything and just said he was “taking a quick break” but it was obvious that he hadn't done anything productive the entire day.  Well if he was going to be lazy and not help she decided a lesson needed to be taught. The following day she took the trash out before work but this time she had put his gaming console in with it. If he was too lazy to take the trash out because of video games then she would clean the house of all trash, including his games.

So what's the key to preventing difficult situations like this in a relationship? When in a relationship it's important to give and take and not be selfish. While this story is funny and ironic we thought it would be better to give examples of positive things to do for your partner:

  1.     Clean the house without having to be asked. Surprise them with a clean house when they come home from work.

  1.     Write a personal and sentimental poem or draw them a heartfelt picture.

  1.     Surprise them with a lunch date or picnic. Food is a great way to capture someone’s heart.

  1.     Put together a scrapbook of your relationship.

  1.     Set up a movie night at home and let them pic the movie.

  1.     Random compliments during the day when least expected.

Just a few ideas for when you want to keep a special someone happy and make sure things like what happened in the relationship situation above dont happen. Reduce any relationship stress and live happily together. If you enjoyed this story and tips and would like to read more in the future then subscribe to our mailing list, also don’t forget to check out our store for quality products for someone special.


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