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There is amazing amount fashion and clothing options nowadays, with a lot of styles, fabrics and price ranges. Sometimes there might be a lack of personality to an item of clothing that may have existed in the past. There is something that can bring a wonderful level of sentimentality to clothes again, and that is just to make your clothes yourself. The ability to create your own clothes gives an amazing amount of freedom to what is available to wear and it is also a very useful skill when having to repair torn or damaged clothes.


The best wealth of knowledge in most aspects of life will always come from granny, so it is no doubt that they will be the best people to show how to make wonderful clothes.


Here are some tips on how to knit:


1. Take a good middleweight woollen yarn with a thicker needle. 

2. Hold the needles over the top of yarn in a knife grip formation.

3. When creating a new row it is important to keep your needles together every time your create new stitch. Also avoid pulling too tightly.

4. Keep tension at all times when knitting and make sure not to drop any stitches.

5. Dropped stitches can be remedied by doubling back and redoing. 

6. Add new yarn by taking the end of a tail and tying it together loosely. Knit normally and then undo the knot and weave the end in.


These are a few tips that can help when making a nice item of clothing. If there is no time for making an wonderful jacket. Then perhaps get a wonderful homemade by granny jacket. Perfect for a young man, especially a grandson!

Available here. 


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